Les Biscuits a l'amande

Almond and Hazelnut BiscuitsThis is a quick recipe I have when you want to spoil a winter cup of tea with scumptious & nutritious biscuits.

It is based on the Sicilian almond biscoti recipe but I always change things a bit.

Nothing more easy! Just combine all ingredients except the icing sugar in a bowl and mix. With a tbspoon size of dough, make a little ball like you will do with playdoh and sprinkle icing sugar. Then bake for 15 minutes or until golden at 200degrees C.

When I bake this for my daughter I sneak half a lindt ball inside dough before making a ball and baking. They are great snacks for school.

4 Eggs
2 cups of sugar
4 cups of Flour
1 tbspoon of Vanilla extract
1 cup of oil (I use Canola or hazelnut when I can find it)
5 tbspoon of water
5 tbspoon of milk
300gr of Almond Meal
100gr of Hazelnut Meal
25ml of Almond essence
Icing Sugar

Makes 50 Biscuits & very happy people