Military Look by IKKS

The Military Kaki French Affair

In France we love the details that Military brings to your wardrobe. It makes a woman look sophisticated and powerful. The styles are tailored and fitted so it gives an elegant figure.
I particularly like this look. It is often an affirmation of character. Just a very cool look! Because of its sophisticated finish you can wear it at any age and look smart and fashionable.

Epaulettes, Buttons, Colors, prints and Belts
Sure there is nothing new about Military but IKKS has a way to keep it interesting and fresh, with new cuts, shapes, mixing it with Lace and sheer fabrics to keep that Masculine/Feminine vibe.
IKKS Kaki are statement pieces and as this is part of every season with us - it is truly timeless. Wear it with beige, white jeans or with your blacks this winter.
The Kaki colour is a stapple of the French Woman smart Casual look. 

I will advice you to try military Fashion.
This year Fashion Trends has voted the military to be the Must Have of the season and I think we will see it for a while.

I have put a compilation of looks for this season @kamotto and I hope it will inspire you to buy something strong for yourself.
I think there is no need to over do it though! I style it with one item only, it can be a coat, a printed dress or even just a handbag.

Perfect for Fashion minimalists looking to invigorate their smart casuals.
As always @ Kam Otto you will find a look that is original, on trend but you can be sure to wear something no one else has around you.