The Wardrobe Imposters

This week lets find 8 Impostors in your wardrobe. It holds this space and deceive you only to desapoint everytime you wear it. This segment will help making some space and get rid of the faux pas for a clean style.
Fashion does have a particular ralationship with self confidence. A woman feeling good in her outfit is full of life. All of the pleasure we get from having style is to feel comfortable in our skin. So if that piece of clothing or accessories doesnt bring this feeling - We say Adieu!
To achieve an easy wardrobe and that natural effortless look, you need to put in some initial work. Once done it feels great and winter is the perfect time to do so. Come on try this easy few steps.

1) Most important in my list.
The clothing you dont feel confident wearing must go.

2) The never worn - there is always this item you bought that does not quite match with anything else. Its the Blazer waiting for the perfect jeans, or the dress you dont have the shoes for. If you love it though, place it in your bag and get hunting! an other tip for those is to buy items you know will work and/or buy all that works with. Getting styled in store is great and you get home with loads of options.

3) Clear all that is stained, discoloured or has a hole, yes even that favorite Tshirt. Replace with new funky colours.

4) Clothing too small! If I can see the mark of your underwear it is too small or your underwear is too small and digs into your figure. So nothing will look good over it.

5) Anything over 10 Years!
It could be difficult to part from it, Maybe it is sentimental! But surely your style has evolved since and it just does not look right anymore - It is time for a new Coat!

6) Same goes for Shoes
I know they are comfortable and easy to style with everything but there is ntohing worse for the Fashion Police than a tired pair of heels - while you are at it make sure you check your partner's shoes ;))

7) Tired underwear
This department is always neglected and like mentioned previously if damaged, lost its elasticity or not fitting properly it will not compliment your figure.

8) Hand bag

Often not regarded as essential but it is. NO it does have to match your belt and shoes, and NO it does not need to be a big brand! YES it can be practical. But it needs to be in good conditon. No matter what you are doing with your day. check out IKKS new range of handbags in our showroom this week.